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See for yourself how our Virtual Leasing Agent and Websites have increased leads, tours scheduled, and more for properties around the country.


25% of Leads of Resulted in Lease

Over a quarter of all signed leases originating from a LeaseLeads lead came from the Virtual Leasing Agent and/or Tour Form versus the Traditional Website Form. Additionally, 25% of all LeaseLeads leads resulted in a signed lease.

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Solstice Apartments

5.4 Videos Viewed per Virtual Tour

The Virtual Leasing Agent was opened a whopping 3569 times in just six months and 283 Virtual Tours were taken. Not only that, but the average number of videos viewed per Virtual Tour was 5.4. That shows that people are actively interacting with the property's beautiful tour videos they created, resulting in more educated leads.

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Campus Edge

20 Hours Saved in One Month

When this property added a Virtual Leasing Agent to their LeaseLeads website, Contact and Tour Scheduling form submissions increased, and a whopping 28.2% of all leads came directly from the Virtual Leasing Agent. There were also 40 Virtual Tours taken, saving the onsite team an average of 20 hours in just one month.

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Campus Communities

23.7% Lead to Lease Percentage

Since launching their Virtual Leasing Agent, over a quarter of the leads have come directly from the Virtual Leasing Agent. On top of that, over 30% of the signed leases came from the Virtual Leasing Agent (vs the website directly).

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The 87

Over 100 Tours in 1 Month

One in every five leases signed came from a LeaseLeads lead in the first month of The 87's Website and Virtual Leasing Agent going live. Their staggering 133 tours scheduled in just one month may have contributed to that high percentage of leases.

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The Ridley at Waterset

15 Leases Signed

In the first six months of this property’s LeaseLeads Website and Virtual Leasing Agent going live, 15 leases were directly attributed to LeaseLeads leads. They also saw a high number of Virtual Tours conducted, saving their team an average of 40 hours saved per month.

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Heartwood Powder Springs

366 Leads in 30 Days

After just 30 days of going live, this beautiful website brought in 366 leads and 303 phone calls. With integrated specials, floor plans and unit availability, this website has everything a future resident could need to make this place their new home.

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The Lakehouse on Wylie

68% of total leads

Within just the first 60 days of going live, the Virtual Leasing Agent accounted for 68% of the total leads the property received from their website. This powerful tool brought the property 60 tours in this time range, along with over 400 virtual tours.

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1515 Flats

200 Leads in 100 Days

With both a LeaseLeads Website and Virtual Leasing Agent, the 1515 Flats website is more powerful than ever. In 100 days since launching their Virtual Leasing Agent, they have had 100 tours scheduled and 200 leads received.

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408 Jackson

80 Hours Saved

After just 25 days of their Virtual Leasing Agent going live on their website, 160 Virtual Tours were taken, saving the 408 Jackson team 80 hours of tour time.

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Lapis Apartments

64 Tours in 60 Days

The Lapis Virtual Leasing Agent was the very first site to utilize our multi-lingual functionality. With this update, the Virtual Leasing Agent will detect what language the user's computer is using and automatically play the Welcome video in that language if it is available. In just 60 days, this property received 98 leads and 64 tours scheduled!

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