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Video Example Scripts

Use these script outlines and samples to make your videos a success!

Helpful Tip: Have a hard time remembering your lines? We recommend uploading your scripts to teleprompter or a comparable smartphone app to reference. 

Script Outline

  • Introduction
  • "Welcome to [apartment complex]! [1-2 sentence summary of the best parts of living at the apartment]"
  • [who you are, your role at the apartment complex]
  • "I want to help you decide if [apartment complex] is right for you"
  • How the customer can interact with LeaseLeads
  • Overview of different options to select + what will happen when they select each

Sample Script:

"Welcome to Ironworks Lofts! Our downtown Denver apartments are loved by residents for our resort-style pool, 24/7 fitness center, and proximity to the best entertainment that Denver has to offer."

"My name is Tayler and I'm one of the property managers. My goal is to help you decide if Ironworks Lofts are right for you"

"You'll see a few options below. Choose any of these and I'll give you a quick video tour so you can see our apartment for yourself."

"Click "Floor Plans" to see all of our available units"

"Click Amenities to see full walkthroughs of our most popular amenities"

"Click Schedule a Tour to schedule a full in-person or virtual tour"

"Click Apply and I'll send you directly to our online application"

Helpful Tip: Have a hard time remembering your lines? We recommend uploading your scripts to teleprompter or a comparable smartphone app to reference. 

Floor Plan Overview

Script Outline:

  • Overview of different housing options
  • Highlight a few of the core features that all units share
  • Encourage potential tenant to fill out the contact form to go on to take a tour of an individual unit

Sample Script:

"Ironworks Lofts offers 1 and 2 bedroom floor plans. All apartments include an in-unit washer and dryer, private balcony, walk-in closets for each bedroom, and much more."

"Ready to see our individual units? Choose your preferred floor plan below and we'll give you a quick tour of one of our 1, 2, or 3-bedroom apartments."

If you stick around until the end of the tour and we'll send you an email with our special offer.

Floor Plan Inner

Script Outline:

  • Video walkthrough + description of core features of the individual apartment unit
  • Most prominent amenities, favorite areas of the unit, etc
  • Encourage tenant to either schedule a tour or start the application by using one of the buttons on the screen

Sample Script:

"Here we have one of our two-bedroom apartments. This apartment has a full-sized kitchen and stylish open floor plan that connects to the living room. If we walk over this way, we'll see that this apartment offers you your own private balcony with a beautiful view of the pool.

"Walking over this way, we can see that this unit offers a large bedroom with a walk-in closet. Just over here, we see the first of two bathrooms that this unit offers."

"Our two-bedroom apartments are priced at $1,500/month. However, right now we're offering a move-in special. Those who submit their application and move in before May 1st get their first month free!"

"Want to see more? Click the "Schedule a Tour" link below to schedule an in-person or virtual tour of this unit. We'll also email you a special discount when you schedule your tour.

Ready to apply to live here? Click the "Apply" link and I'll take you to the online application so you can get started right away."

Helpful Tip: Have a hard time remembering your lines? We recommend uploading your scripts to teleprompter or a comparable smartphone app to reference. 

Amenities Overview

Script Outline:

  • Highlight a handful of popular amenities
  • Offer to give a tour of the individual amenities that a video has been recorded for
  • Call to action for the potential tenant to interact with one of the amenities buttons to go to the next stage

Sample Script:

"Ironworks Lofts goes above and beyond to offer residents remarkable amenities. We offer a Resort-style pool, a 24/7 fitness center, personal parking spots, free high-speed wifi, dog grooming stations. The list goes on and on."

"Our 24/7 fitness center and clubhouse are two of my personal favorites. Can I give you a quick tour of them?"

"Click either option below and I'll give you a quick tour."

Amenity Individual

Script Outline:

  • Here's a look at our [amenity]
  • Talk about how popular the amenity is amongst other residents (if applicable, hint at the fact that this is a great place to meet other tenants)
  • Highlight core features of the amenity
  • Encourage potential tenant to take the next step
  • Callout to see more amenities
  • Callout to schedule a tour
  • Callout to apply to live here

Pool Example Script:

"Here's a look at our heated, resort-style swimming pool. Whether you prefer reading in the sun or cooling off in the pool, this is one of the go-to hangout spots on weekend afternoons."

"We have a shed full of pool floats, water footballs, and lawn chairs for anyone to use. We also have water polo tournaments for all residents on Tuesday nights. Sign up to create your own team, or join one of the other existing teams."

"Can I show you more of our amenities? If so, click the "Amenities" button to the right of me."

"Ready to take a full tour of [apartment name]? Click "Schedule a Tour" to book your in person or virtual tour"

"Convinced that [apartment name] is perfect for you? Click the "Apply" button and I'll help you get started on your application to live here"

Schedule a Tour

Script Outline:

  • Encourage potential tenant to use the booking widget on the screen to schedule an in-person or virtual tour
  • Talk about the benefits of scheduling a tour
  • Call to action for the potential tenant to schedule a tour

Sample Script:

"Ready to take a deeper look at our apartments?" Click the link below to schedule your full tour. Your safety is our highest priority. Which is why you have the option to schedule an in-person, or virtual tour, depending on your preferences."

"Most tours last [time] minutes and give you a deeper look at everything that Ironworks Lofts has to offer. Plus, it gives you a great opportunity to talk to our team and learn much more about our community."

"Ready to start? Schedule your tour today!"


Script Outline:

  • Encourage potential tenant to fill out an online application
  • Overview of types of information that you'll ask for during the application
  • Typical response times that they can expect after filling out the application
  • Re-encourage potential tenant to fill out the application

Sample Script:

"We hope you've enjoyed the tour around Ironworks Lofts. Ready to start your application? Click the link to start the process!"

"The application process is easy. We'll ask you for questions about whether you have any pets, current employments status through an online application. Once we've received your application, we'll get back to you in 1-3 business days."

"Fill out your name & email and I'll send you all of the application info so you can start the process whenever you're ready!"


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