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How can I find LeaseLeads specific information and data in my Google Analytics 4 account?


Within your Google Analytics 4 account, you can find detailed information about your LeaseLeads product(s).

Here are the LeaseLeads events you can track and view within your Google Analytics 4 account.

LeaseLeads GA4 Events

Submit: Contact Form

Submit Schedule a Tour Form

Click: Call Us

Click: Contact

Click: View Floor Plans

Click: View Floor Plan

Click: Open widget

Click: Schedule A Tour

Click: View Specials

Click: Contact from Special

Click: Take A Virtual Tour

Click: Apply

Click: Open Leasing Agent

Click: Take A Virtual Tour (On main menu)

Here's where to go to find this information:

Go to Reports -> Engagement -> Events

Within the Events list, enter "leaseleads" into the search bar:

This will filter the events to only show the LeaseLeads events that have occurred.

What Can You Learn From This Data?

  1. Virtual Tours Taken - See how many times your Virtual Tour was viewed within your Virtual Leasing Agent
  2. Most viewed floor plans - Explore which floor plans are getting the most attention by adding a secondary dimension, URL, to see which Floor Plan pages are getting the most views.
  3. Impressions vs. submissions - See how may forms were started versus how many were submitted

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