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What are the Different Permissions and User Roles in the Dashboard?


Within the LeaseLeads property dashboard, there are a variety of user roles that can be granted to various members of your team. Each role has different permissions for what they can and can't do within the dashboard.

1. Manager - This role is typically granted to people who belong to the management company, such as a Regional Manager or Portfolio Sales Manager


          - Permissions: Edit floor plan information, specials, property information, team members and view leads

 2. Editor - This role is the default for all property-level members, such as Property Manager or Community Manager

           - Permissions: Edit floor plan information, specials and view leads

  3. Reporter - This role has no editing power and can only view information

              - Permissions: View leads and floor plans

These user permissions can be adjusted by the Manager role within the dashboard by going to Settings --> Team:

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