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How to Resolve Broken Apply and Resident Links within Entrata


When moving off of an Entrata site to a LeaseLeads site, these instructions need to be handled to resolve the broken APPLY and RESIDENT links on the site.

Within Entrata please follow these steps:

  1. Delete the domain in Entrata

    1A. Entrata>Setup>Websites>Global>Domains> click the red x next to the domain.

    1B. Without deleting this there are likely to be issues with the Entrata application.
  2.  Change Entrata Website Theme

    2A. Once a new LeaseLeads (or other Wordpress) website goes live, the old full Entrata website still exists. This means that we'd  inadvertently have two websites which could cause a host of confusion. In my experience, the best way to combat this is changing the Entrata website theme.

    2B. Entrata> Setup>Websites>Theme>Design and changing the theme to "Grey Premium"

    3B. Setup>Websites>Theme>Media>Add logo.

           Also changing the link the logo points to the new website homepage is best practice.

    4B. Hide Entrata website from search engines by going to Entrata>Setup>Websites>SEO>General>change "website hidden from search engines" to Yes

          This hides the Entrata website from showing in organic searches. Without doing this odd things can happen like the resident portal showing above the main site in organic searches.

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